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“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…”
1 Thessalonians 5:11

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Oh, to Know Him …

Think of someone you love with your whole heart– someone you want to spend time with, someone who loves you too. This is a relationship where you are known, even with your foibles and imperfections, yet loved deeply. That’s how God, the Creator of all the Universes, feels about you. Yes, you. And, yes, me. How do […]

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Choosing Peace

Have you noticed how life sometimes runs on parallel tracks? Good things can take place in the midst of not-so-pleasant circumstances. 

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Readers, Readers, Readers

If you’ve ever had a dream, and wanted it so badly you worked your heart out to see it come true? Read His Gift and find out how Molly struggles with her faith to discover God’s greater purposes in her life and heart.

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Have You Ever Been Loved by a Dog?

To Be Loved I’ve been thinking a lot of about dogs lately. Some people have said the word dog is “god” spelled backwards. I agree with the spelling inversion, but the God of the Bible is Almighty, all powerful, Creator of the universe, and so much more. Dogs cannot compare to my awesome eternal God. […]

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Something Fun for You Book Lovers

TO WARM YOUR HEARTS in the chilly  winter blast, here’s a chance to win a $500 gift card! This is a book promotion by Celebrate Lit, and I want to invite you to check it out! Just use the link to fill out the forms.   The event and giveaway is going on now through […]

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A Kindle Conundrum

Don’t let the junk of life steal your joy. Lean into God’s light for your peace even when you’re not in a desperate place, but just facing day-to-day trials. He’s there waiting for you.

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Stepping into the Light

It was a blustery cold morning, and as usual, I was walking my dog. It was what we always did after breakfast. Why, I wondered, did he always seem to stop to investigate a good scent when we were walking in the shade? It felt at least ten degrees colder than when we were in […]

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