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1 Thessalonians 5:11

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Can You Live in the World as a Christian without it Overpowering You? Does it Matter?

Good seeds or “weeds”? Weeds in your flowers or grass? Oh, my goodness! Do I ever know. I transplanted this beautiful decorative grass a year ago along with some of its “brothers and sisters.” But, look what happened? It must have had weeds sown into the dirt when I moved it. I kept pulling the […]

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Debbie Wilson framed our upcoming election in concrete and understandable terms. I just returned from a family wedding trip, so I haven’t posted my own thoughts this month. With permission, I share this from a reputable Bible teacher and author. I hope you are stirred to action, and please share it on, directing people to […]

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When the Music Stops …

TIME TO PERFORM My granddaughter is an advanced competitive dancer and has been for a number of years. To prepare for a recent regional competition, she and her duet partner had practiced and practiced and practiced. At last, the day had come for their evaluation. They entered the stage as their chosen music played, but […]

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Hello to Donna Schlacter I am excited to introduce you to a romance and suspense novelist who is also my guest blogger today. Donna Schlacter, also known as Leeann Betts, is a known as a hybrid author, who writes squeaky clean historical and contemporary suspense. She has been published 50 times in books and is […]

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Healing for Your Heart Wounds

Betrayal, Abandonment, Sexual Abuse, Death – Heart Wounders Heart wounds can leave a person in emotional or mental chains unable to find their purpose and lacking joy in living. Have you ever had someone betray, forsake, or rob you of something precious? Have you ever lost someone you loved deeply? Before this life is over, […]

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You and Me Steppin’ into ’22

READY OR NOT As you and I step into the milestone called a “NEW YEAR,” you might be approaching it with uncertainty. Or you might be ready to step into 2022 with boldness. You could even accept this new year as a great opportunity for a remake of things you can control. Most of us […]

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Does the Season of ADVENT Mean Anything to You?

THE MEANING OF ADVENT – WILL IT CHANGE YOUR CHRISTMAS? Searching for meaning this Christmas? It seems many more Christians are adopting Advent as a part of their holiday tradition. Are you one of them? What does Advent mean to you, and how does it play a part of your Christmas? For years when my […]

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